Sunday, January 9, 2011

Home Updates

So I have been busy on my break from school making a few little updates to our house, and I want to show y'all! We recently brought into our kitchen a church pew that was originally from Taylor's grandparents' church when they lived in Louisiana. So cool! Taylor's mom, Lisa, showed me how to sew on her sewing machine (that she got as a gift from her parents her senior year in high school!), and my Mom helped me pick out some really cute black and white damask fabric for a cushion for it! Here's the before picture:
And the after:
I really love how it turned out!! The cusion is easily removable, so if I want to take it back off for a more rustic look, it's no big deal. The pillows I made out of a couple of canvas bags that I found lying in the bottom of our pantry. Obviously they weren't getting much use, so I decided to repurpose them. I feel so green! :) Thanks Mom and Lisa for all your help!!
Here is a pic of the table that was already in the breakfast area, just rearranged a bit and moved to the other wall. I added the framed photo that I got for Taylor for Christmas, courtesy of Joe Dunn Photography in New Orleans. It's actually an alligator--look close and you'll see!

And here is a pic of the whole breakfast area! I really love how the pew added a lot more seating! It's already been used a lot--we had Taylor's family over for dinner and everyone was sitting on it/around the table, and then I had a surprise shower two nights ago (post to come very soon about it!) for sweet Whitney! We had SO much fun. Seven of the girls ended up spending the night, and we had a great time the next morning lounging around drinking coffee around the table and looking at old pictures.

Also, we finally (FINALLY!!!) cleaned up our "junk room"! The extra bedroom right next to our room has been basically our "let's just throw stuff in there and shut the door" room. We still had several boxes we had not unpacked from when we moved in a year and a half ago (shameful, I know). Mark and Lisa had two old twin beds that they no longer use (they were Taylor and Trav's in high school), and my parents had some extra twin linens, so we are taking them off their hands for a while! This is soooo much better than a pile of junk and boxes:

And Lisa also helped me recover the dining chairs that were a well-loved hand-me-down from Taylor's great aunt Eris--I love the way they turned out too! They are a green damask that is a little brighter in real life than it appears in the picture:

Hope you like the changes!

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