Sunday, January 2, 2011

Here's to Ya, 2010

Several of my friends have done a Year in Review post, so I think I will jump on the bandwagon! I love how blogging really helps me keep track of our life, and where all this time that flies is going!

In January, Taylor and I spent a lot of time hanging with the fam and close friends at Fairview. We started planning and anticipating our wonderful Paris trip! I experimented with cooking, and we found out the Saints were going to the Super Bowl!

February brought a big snow in Jackson, a big win for the Saints, and a fun Valentine's trip to Nashville for Taylor and me.

In March, I sang in our church's Easter program, had some car troubles, and did some sprucing up to our house.

April came and we celebrated Easter, followed by the beautiful wedding of two of our dearest friends, William and Carolyn Grace. Taylor's grandmother had a succesful knee replacement surgery, and we were so thankful! I experimented a little more with baking and made my first decorative Easter coconut cake--yum! Taylor and I traveled to Belzoni, Mississippi, the catfish capital of the world, for the Catfish Festival. Taylor was a judge for the Catfish Queen pageant--he helped pick a great representative for the catfish industry!

And in May--a short break from school, and summertime! My sweet, sweet husband gave me my favorite anniversary gift so far--my AWESOME camera--and we set off in a plane with Mark and Lisa for beautiful Paris, France!

In June, we returned from Paris, and Taylor and I both hunkered down for a summer of hard work, for him in business and for me in school. We both wanted a jump start!

July brought an Independence Day celebration in several different towns--we spent time with Taylor's grandparents in Louisiana, my uncle and cousin in Wiggins, my family at Fairview, and Taylor's family on the rez. Whew! Taylor and I recorded a fun song together in a studio, and I left for an externship in New York City, one of my favorite places on earth!

In August I returned from the Big Apple and settled back into real life and lots and lots and lots of school. Amidst all that though, we were able to make it up to Nashville one more time for a wedding and to hang out with my bff, Emily. We made it to Nashville's famous Tomato Festival, and it was a blast! I caught up on some reading, and we celebrated CG's birthday with a surprise fiesta!

In September, Taylor received an honor within his company, and we were able to take a business trip to Washington, D.C. We had SUCH a good time! We went to lots of museums--our favorites were the Newseum, the Holocaust Museum, and the Museum of Natural Science--and ate some great food! Not long after we came home, it was time for football season! Groving began, and with it came some exciting news--our friends Whitney and Graves got engaged! We traveled to New Orleans for the Ole Miss vs. Tulane game, and we started practice for Carols by Candlelight in choir.

October brought a little bit of cool weather after that intense summer heat, and with it came the beginning of deer season--always a bittersweet time for "hunting widows" like me! I linked up with Kelly for her home tour, and Taylor and I went on a fun date to the Mississippi State Fair!

In November, we made our last trek to Oxford of the football season, and Taylor and I had another fun date to the Mistletoe preview gala, thanks to the generosity of his sweet Mom and Dad! Mom, Angie, April, and I were able to go back for a fun girls' shopping trip the next day--one of my favorite traditions! I spent countless hours (which I had been doing since August) studying for my National Board exam, which I took...and passed!!! I felt like my brain didn't quite work right after that for a few weeks! Thanksgiving came and went, and we spent a wonderful time in Negreet, Louisiana, for a Carter Family Thanksgiving Reunion.

And finally, in December, there was Carols by Candlelight and lots of Christmas fun! There was the 2nd annual Grizwold Family Supper Club Christmas Party, and our 3rd annual Cookies and Cocktails party--always a good time! We celebrated the beautiful gift of God on Christmas and throughout the season--the gift of his son, and the sacrifice that he made for us.

I love that the year ends with Christmastime--a time of hope and family and celebration of the Lord's amazing gift to us. 2010, it was nice knowing ya!

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