Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Recap

Well, Christmas has come and gone--seriously, how did it go so fast??

My family has never had a special, set-in-stone Christmas Eve tradition, so it has actually worked out just wonderfully that my parents have joined the Sledges in theirs! My sister's and brother's families are with their respective in-laws on Christmas Eve, so my parents now come with us! The tradition is the attend the candlelight Christmas Eve service with Mark and Lisa and Mark's parents at their church, then head back to the house for some DELICIOUS homemade gumbo. This year Lisa served crabcakes as the appetizer and they were so yummy! The gumbo was outstanding, as usual. I love that I married into a family of great cooks! Now if they would just rub off on me...

Taylor, Trav, and me with MawMaw and Grandaddy:

Beautiful tree!
It's also the Sledges' tradition to open Christmas gifts to each other on Christmas Eve. Since Mom and Dad were there too, we went on and gave them their gift as well. I was SO excited to give them and Mark and Lisa their gifts--I made a photobook of our deercamp, Fairview, for my parents, and one of our Paris trip for Mark and Lisa.
Cute dads:
And cute moms!

Taylor making fun of my profession with the meat injector Santa brought him! Crazy boy.

The next morning we woke up, ate a leisurely breakfast, and opened our gifts to each other. I tried to make a special breakfast for us--my Granny's cathead biscuits. I failed. Miserably. As Taylor said, they looked like really overweight pancakes. Ha! I still can't figure out what I did's one of those things where you kind of have to know what you're doing, because there's no real recipe. And, obviously--I don't. I will have to get a little help from Dad next time. But hey, the bacon and cheese grits we had instead were still pretty good!
Then it was off to Mom and Dad's for exchanging presents with my side of the fam. As our family has grown, we've started drawing names. I drew my sister-in-law, April, this year, and Taylor drew my niece, Olivia.

Anna and Beth pumped over their loot:

Olivia and her new DSI game:

Ang, Neil, and me:

April modeling her gifts! We had gone shopping for the purse a couple of days earlier so she could get just the right one. But I wanted something for her to open under the tree, so when I saw this apron, it was just too cute to pass up. I know she loves to bake with her girls, so hopefully she will get some good use out of it!

The boys:

Me and sweet Ted:
My Daddy and his daughters:

I hope you had a merry merry Christmas, and that you have a Happy New Year!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Holiday Happenings

So here's a quick recap of some holiday happenings!

A pic of Olivia and me from before one of the Carols' performances:

And then one of Taylor and Olivia during an impromptu jam session at the Thigpen household!

And now on to the Tacky Christmas goodness! Our supper club has what we call the Annual Grizwold Family Supper Club Christmas Party, and let me tell you, it is an event. We eat yummy food, we play dirty Santa (it can get ugly, lemme tell ya)...and obviously, we dress up!

Taylor and "WeeWee"

Our friend Kim showing off her tacky sweater:

Matching jumpsuits:
And here are a few from Fairview. I can't remember if I've mentioned on the blog that my parents are selling their deercamp. It is a bittersweet thing for my family--we've had so many good times there! But it will be a good thing too, and I know that we'll have many good times at the new place as well!
I got to go hunting with my Dad one last time at the place, and it was so fun! Looking forward to many more fun hunts Dad!

One of our favorite roads on the property. Years and years of travel on this historic road have worn the road down into the trench.

Camp table set for a yummy breakfast.

Dad reminding me how to make my Granny's buttermilk cathead biscuits...SO good!!

Taylor and I just got back tonight from our family Christmas with his grandparents on his Mom's side. We had a great time hanging out with his aunts and uncles and cousins! Unfortunately I didn't get to take any pictures because I was too busy visiting! I guess that's a good thing though. :)
More updates and pictures to come throughout this fun and busy week!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Carols by Candlelight

This weekend was my church's Christmas program, Carols by Candlelight. I had the privilege of singing O Holy Night with three wonderful girls in a quartet--we had so much fun! Our little segment was modeled after the Celtic Women, if you've seen them on tv--so we got to wear long pretty dresses! (Pictures to come later.) Everybody kept teasing us and asking if it was prom night every night! Took me back to my pageant-ing days. :)
Seriously though--it is simply amazing how worshipful music can be. I am so thankful for a musical outlet in my life and for the ability to sing God's praises and tell other people about Him through music. I remember having a conversation in college one time in a Bible study about what heaven will be like. We talked about how beautiful music can be, with all the various instruments and combinations and harmonies. If this world is but a shadow of the world to come, then it only stands to reason that the harmonies and music we can experience will be doubled or tripled or something even beyond that! Harmonies beyond what my little finite mind can conceive. Exciting, isn't it!
This was the last song of the night--they put it on Youtube after the concert was over because everyone loved it so much. Amazing Grace is one of my favorite hymns--and you know, it's interesting--we don't usually think of it as a Christmas song. But it is!

May the Lord bless you, and may you remember Him in this very special season of the year!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Thanksgiving Recap

So I am a little behind, but I wanted to post a recap of the holiday! It was so nice to relax with family and eat some YUMMY food.

To start, here was my Thanksgiving dessert contribution for Taylor's family--turkey cupcakes!

My sister's foiled attempt at her kids' Christmas card:


Then it was off to Negreet, Louisiana for the Carter Family Thanksgiving!
My Uncle Ike and me:


My two great aunts (in more than one sense!), Beth and Maxine:

An old part of my great-grandfather's farm:

Blacky drank the rest of Taylor's sweet tea and crunched all the ice!

Kisses for my cousin Anne:

Cool pic of the barn:

Mom and Dad:

Taylor inspecting an old family heirloom violin. It was my great-great grandfather's:

My cousin Anne and my aunt Jordana:

Negreet, Louisiana is just 30 minutes from Natchitoches, LA, where they have the annual festival of lights at Christmastime! For all you southern girls out there, this is the river and the town where Steel Magnolias was filmed! It is just as charming as it was in the movie.

So thankful for my family this and every season of the year!