Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Old Timers?

So I am finished with my boards!!!!! Well....so far. I will feel a heck of a lot better when I get that envelope in the mail and can see what my score is. Still praying about that one! They were hard, but I felt ok about everything when I left the testing center last week.

However. I think all that studying has taken a toll on my brain. If you can, imagine for a second a jar that is CRAMMED FULL of stuff. It has a little hole on the top, where you can cram in more stuff, and a little hole in the bottom, where things can fall out. And every time you jam something into that top hole (which seems to be more and more difficult to do), a couple of things fall out the bottom, never to be seen again.

That, my friends, is the current state of my brain. I think if it could talk, it would be screaming "WARNING! WARNING! OVERLOAD! DANGER!" and there would be one of those hazardous materials sign over it that I see on all of our medical waste bins up here at UMC.

So what I really need to know is--am I normal??! Does anyone else ever feel that way, like you are so overwhelmed that if you put one more piece of information or event to remember or appointment to schedule or document to mail in your brain, it might explode into a thousand pieces?

I think I need a vacation.

This weekend was my birthday, and it was so much fun! My sweet husband gave me what he is calling the manliest birthday gift he's ever heard a girl ask for--a new TV for our den. The reason, you ask? Well it all has to do with my morning rituals. Every morning, I do one of two things. I either wake up and sleepily grab my gym bag and my packed lunch and head to the gym--OR--I wake up early and head to the kitchen with the doggies to make my lunch for the day and eat breakfast. I love to watch the news in the morning, and if I don't have to be up at the school until a little later, I love to watch the Today Show. But--the problem is that there was no TV in our kitchen. There was a TV cabinet, with the cable jack and everything, but no TV. I've been trying for months now to run back and forth from the kitchen into the den to see the 7-day forecast as soon as they announce it, but invariably I am carrying my bowl of cereal and end up spilling milk all over myself, and then missing the forecast anyway.

You can see my dilemma.

So--I asked for a new tv! The one in the den was really too small for the space anyway, so we moved it to the kitchen, where it fits perfectly in the little tv cabinet, and got a new one for the den. Sweet Taylor had it all set up when I came home from school a couple days before my birthday. We also got to head up to Fairview, my parents' deer camp, for the weekend with my parents, two couple friends of theirs, and our sweet friends Clay and Christina. I am SO bummed because I accidentally left my camera at home and thus didn't get to take any pictures. I'm going to make up for it at Thanksgiving though, let me tell you. I'm gonna be a picture taking fiend.

Speaking of, I am SUPER pumped about the dishes I'm making for Taylor's family Thanksgiving. I am going to take one of them over to my sister's house too (she is hosting for my family) in hopes that they will eat it. I like to mix things up and bring different dishes, but my family always has the exact same thing every Thanksgiving and every Christmas--so not too much of mine gets eaten! Maybe I just need to figure out what my specialty is and stick to that, so it can get incorporated into the "regular" dishes every year.

Hope you are well and have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I know I have so much to be thankful for.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


So for any of you who are unfamiliar with Mistletoe Marketplace--it is a giant Christmas shopping extravaganza put on by the Jackson Junior League to raise money for various charities around our city. And it is SO FUN! I have gone every year since I can remember--it is really the start of the Christmas season for me! Vendors come from all over the country, seriously from California to New York and everywhere in between. Several of them that I spoke to this go-round said that Mistletoe is the biggest and best of anything like this around the country. It is always held on a Thursday through Friday, usually the first weekend in November. Today is the last day, so if you haven't stopped by yet, it may be too late for this year--but make plans to make the trip next year! The website with all the information is http://www.mistletoemarketplace.com/.

This year Taylor and I were so excited to be able to attend the Preview Gala! Taylor's parents were kind enough to get tickets for the two of us, plus Taylor's brother Travis and his girlfriend Caroline. The gala is held on Wednesday night, and it is SUPER formal. Here is a pic I snapped of us (thanks to the self-timer feature on my camera). I kinda felt like we were back in high school, headed to the prom or something!

It was so much fun!! The Tip Tops played, there was delicious food, a silent auction, and best of all, we got to look at all the stuff the merchants had brought before the masses hit the next day! I got to scope out the goods so I knew right where I was headed when I came back for a girls' shopping trip the next morning with my Mom, sister, and sister-in law. The Thursday shopping trip has been a yearly tradition for Mom, Angie, and me for a while--and now that Neil and April have moved back into town, I'm so glad that April can be a part of it too!
My mom, who is a realtor (if you need one and live in the Jackson area, she does a great job!), just recently sold a house and offered to treat us all to some Mistletoe shopping this year! Woohoo! I tried not to go too crazy--but I got a really adorable hat/ear warmer, a cute necklace, a couple of Christmas ornaments....and my favorite--my early birthday present--a REALLY cute, really nice new bed for the dogs! I know, you may be thinking I am a little crazy to want that for my birthday. I think my sister thought I was. But I'm telling you, this thing is so cute. It is really more like a really nice pillow or small piece of furniture. It's for the living room, not the bedroom or laundry. Here is a pic of them enjoying it in front of the fireplace!

If you like the bed, it's by a company called Lazy Bones Beds. The founders/owners are a couple of girls, originally from Jackson, who now live in Memphis and have started this company! It has really taken off--Paula Deen even has one in her living room! They have three sizes and tons of cute patterns and colors. The beds are stain, odor, and UV resistant. The outer cover can be unzipped, removed, and washed, which is great!

And here's a pic of my cute new hat (ish) and necklace!
Thanks Mom!!

This next week for me is going to be a hardcore study marathon. I take my national boards in nine days. It is a two day test, with the first day lasting about 9 hours, and the second about 4 hours. I am scared and not excited about it, but I am sure ready to get the dang thing over with! I have studied as much as possible, but it has been really hard to do while managing and treating patients at the same time. I guess all I can do is my best, right? If you think about it this week, please say a prayer that it will go well! I am ready to be through so I can move on to concentrating on much more fun things like Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Hope you have a great week!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Grovin' Fools

Well it was back to the Grove last weekend for the Sledges for a weekend of fun and football! This time we rented a house just off the square with our friends Kim, BC, and Drew, and it was a BLAST! It was so nice to be able to walk everywhere--to the square, the Grove, the game, you name it. I would love to do it again in the future.

Here's Taylor bustin' a move, as he tends to do when we first get to the Grove. He just can't help himself! Good music, great people, great food....I mean it kinda makes me want to dance too!

My friend Audrey stopped by our tent and chatted for a while. This girl is one of my bff's from college, and I am so thankful for her!

My friend Lauren and me at the game. My parents gave us four tickets to use for the game (thanks Mom and Dad!) and we were so excited that Lauren and William came to sit with us! Made the game (which was a little sad score-wise) a lot more fun!

Ann Elizabeth, Haley, me and WhittyKat, as we prefer to call her. Haley went to Georgia, but she made it over to Ole Miss for games several times while we were in college. Her boyfriend, Chris, went to Auburn, which is who we played last weekend, so they came up to enjoy Oxford and see the game!

This next pic is towards the end of the game. I got tired of standing and watching us get creamed, so I just sat for a while. And here was my view--two cute booties! That's Tay on the left!


Ok, so to all you Ole Miss fans out there--I would like to make a comment. So listen up Rebels! I was seriously SO ashamed of all of us last weekend. About 3/4 of the way through the game, the game against the NUMBER ONE team in the NATION, mind you--all of our fans were gone. It might has well have been an Auburn stadium. We may not have played the very best, and we may not have won, but we did score thirty-something points on the top ranked team in the country! I was seriously so ashamed of our fans. And y'all, now don't get me wrong. I love the Grove. I love the Grove even more than I love the football--or at least as much. But I think we should get something straight--the Grove would not even exist if it weren't for the game!!! All I'm saying is--I don't believe in being a fair-weather fan. I think you need to stick by your team and cheer them on no matter what. That applies to many other things in life as well. Let's take a lesson from the Saints fans, ok? They may have worn paper bags on their heads and lamented for years and years--but they were still there, cheering on their team. So fins up, Rebels! Let's get our priorities straight!