Saturday, October 23, 2010

Living Room!

Joining up with Kelly again for the Tour of Homes! I know this week is nursery/kids room week, but since our only "kids" have four legs and a lot of fur, I am doing a living room post since I missed that one a few weeks ago.

Here is our mantel! The painting is one I bought for Taylor in New Orleans for Christmas one year when we were dating. The cool little wooden sculpture is the one item we bought and brought home from our honeymoon. It is an African carving of the Last Supper. I LOVE it.

View into the kitchen. Taylor thought to put books up there over the door. We need all the book space we can get!

View back towards the front door.

The weather has been so beautiful around here that I've been leaving our french doors open when I'm home during the day.
The rug in this room is a temporary fix until we can find and/or afford something a little nicer and more colorful!

Taylor is SO proud of this--the red stag he killed on a family hunting trip to Argentina. You should have seen my brother-in-law in the process of hanging this thing up there...I was just sure he was gonna fall and break every bone in his body.

A couple of my favorite pieces of pottery--both wedding gifts.

Thanks for stopping in! Hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. Can I move in with you? Like, seriously! Your house is beautiful!! :-)