Monday, October 4, 2010

Finally Fall, Y'all!

Yesterday was the most wonderful, pleasant, easy day I have had in a long time! Taylor and I went to church, then came home and just sat outside and enjoyed the beautiful weather. I studied for about five hours, which I will admit was not exactly what I would have chosen if I had my 'druthers, but if you have to study, my gosh I hope you get to do it outside in weather like this! We opened the french doors in our living room all the way and left them that way! Taylor put on some good music inside, and it floated out to the backyard at just the right volume. I sat at the outdoor table, and he said up his "deerstand" (aka the stepladder) in one corner of the yard and practiced shooting his bow:

The bow portion of hunting season officially started Friday, so as I joke to my friends, Taylor headed to the deer camp, and I will see him again next February. Ha! No--he is actually really great about always talking to me first before he decides to go up the camp--so I try to always be great about saying I am fine with it! When he goes for a few days in a row, he always comes in and sees me at lunchtime. He is such a wonderful husband, I figure I can let him get away with some extra man-nights at the deercamp this time of year!

I love getting this kind of picture from him when he is in a tree, usually with a caption like, "Wow, look at this amazing creature I found in the woods....":

Ha! I really do love that he is such an outdoorsman--I think being involved in hunting and fishing especially from a young age instills responsibility, and respect for God's creation--and for him, it is such a wonderful time for the men in his family to be together. I look forward to his taking our kids along with him one day!

Yesterday while we were outside, the dogs got scared of the "whoosing" noise that Taylor's arrows made as they shot across the yard. There are two things that scare Ruby to death--those arrows, and the vacuum cleaner. The way she runs from those things, you would think they were the devil himself! So funny. I didn't realized they weren't outside with us at first (because the doors were open.) When I realized they weren't around, I went inside to check it out, and this is what I found when I went to our bedroom:
Guess they found a safe spot!

And one last pic:

The beautiful Bougainvillea in our backyard--the one plant I haven't managed to kill! My thumb is not green. It's not even brown. It's black. Oh yes. I get it from my mother. If we look at plants, they die. Pretty much immediately. Sigh--oh well...I am working on it! At least I can keep people's teeth healthy, right? ;) They say life's a trade-off!

Hope you have a great Monday!

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