Monday, October 11, 2010

Fair Date!

Tonight Taylor and I went to the Missisippi State Fair! It's one of my favorite pasttimes this time of year. I've long since ceased riding all the crazy rides (due to an unfortunate incident my freshman year of college when I saw some popcorn and a coke I'd eaten, well, after I had eaten it), but I love to go and people watch--and let me tell you, there is some VERY interesting people watching at the state fair--and maybe play a game or two! Taylor loves to show off and win me a stuffed animal. He's a cutie.

Here's one of the fair staples--it's been there for years and years, way before I was born I think. I remember as a kid that whoever brought Malone's Taffy in their lunchbox at school was envied and everyone always tried to trade whatever they had brought for a couple of pieces!

We stopped in the petting zoo to see all the cute little goats and alpacas, camels (!), etc. This little guy was SUPER eager--I think he had been fed plenty of carrots today already! You could buy them at a table nearby for a couple of bucks to give to the animals.

This one was kinda shy.

Ok...and here is possibly one of the most disgusting things I've ever seen. I heard about it on the radio a couple of days ago and refused to believe it...until I saw this:

You have GOT to be kidding me. I think if you eat one of these, your life expectancy may decrease by 6-12 months. I can feel my arteries congealing already...
Although I will say, I thoroughly enjoyed a Pronto Pup (footlong corn dog, for those who may not know what that is), and Taylor and I split a funnel cake. But hey, that's what the fair is for, right? A little bit of a fried indulgence every now and then, in moderation, is fine by me!

I always love to see this off in the distance--it makes me think of my childhood. This giant cone is big, but it seemed unbelievably huge when I was a kid!

Make time for a date with your husband/wife this week!

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