Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dining Room, and a little bit o' Autumn

I'm jumping in on the home tour again, albeit a couple of days behind, but here is a little glimpse into our dining room! We use it when we entertain larger groups--anything over four people, really. The table and chairs were handed down to us from Taylor's great aunt Eris, as were several other pieces we have in the house (you may remember, as I mentioned that last week). The table is the perfect size for us, and it has the option of expanding by adding anywhere from one to four leaves! We leave two of the leaves in all the time, which allows us to comfortably seat eight people. Perfect!

I love the backs of the chairs, with that little art deco kind of cut-out. The fabric on the seats is a little dated, and truthfully I have been meaning to recover those things for like two years now! I've just got to bite the bullet and do it. I know it's a pretty easy do-it-yourself just keeps getting in the way!

Ok, so here was my project for the my study break (ok, breaks :) yesterday, I finally put together the frames I bought several weeks back and the pictures I had developed and started a picture wall!! I have always been drawn to the ones I've seen in magazines--I think having a wall like this done in a classy way can really make a space feel more homey and more "you"! The pics here from left to right, starting with the top row: a cool pic of some purple garlic I took in France last May, a close-up "nose" pic of Ted, a cool symmetry kind of a picture, also from France; bottom row--Taylor and me on horseback in Montana at Big Sky Ranch, a part of our 1 year anniversary trip to Yellowstone; a pic of the Royal Sonesta Hotel sign in New Orleans at night; a pic of my dad's parents--Granny and PawPaw--who have both passed away. I miss them dearly! This picture is a perfect metaphor for their personalities! The picture in the very center you can't see very well here, but it's a pic of Taylor riding in a convertible in the Ole Miss homecoming parade. He was a Class Favorite at Ole Miss, which I think is a pretty big deal! I love the picture though because it is so quintessentially Taylor, and so quintessentially Ole Miss--he is riding along, having an awesome time, looking straight at the camera and laughing out loud, and he is wearing red and blue with a bow tie like he always wore in college. There is a homecoming maid sitting on the back of the convertible, and one of his best friends, Lofton, is driving the car. Makes me happy to look at it!

Welcome home! Now all we need is a big pot of chili or jambalaya and we'll be set!

And a little fall decor to kick off the season!

I am outside right now, enjoying this BEAUTIFUL day. I am about to hit the books, so I figured I might as well do it while enjoying the weather! Hope you find time today to step outside for a moment and enjoy God's beautiful creation!


  1. I like those frames you have!

  2. I love your table and chairs, I love your picture wall, and I LOVE the paint you remember what it is?