Saturday, September 25, 2010

Tour of Homes!

Today I am linking up with Kelly for her Tour of Homes! For anyone reading who is not sure what that means, basically--Kelly, a girl from Arkansas I have never met but who is very popular among many women bloggers, has set up a blog link in which people can post pictures of different parts of their homes--so that we can all get ideas from each other, as well as get a little insight into what each blogger is about! I swear, the world is getting smaller, isn't it? So, with that said, here are some pics of our master bedroom!

Come on in!

Here's a general view. I eventually need to get some framed pictures hung up over the bed, since we don't have a headboard. I'm thinking I'm going to do three of four interesting pictures from some of our travels--I just haven't picked out exactly the right ones yet.

Taylor's side of the bed--and our furry children's beds! You would think that the little dog would sleep in the small bed, and the big dog in the big bed. But no. It's pretty funny to see Ruby, the border collie, snug as a bug in a rug in that little dog bed.

The seating area. One day I would love to have a neutral colored chaise lounge and chair, and a cool floor lamp. One day! Pretty much all our bedroom furniture are hand-me-downs from my parents and Taylor's great aunt. We are SO thankful for their generosity! Thanks Mom and Dad--I know you're reading this! :)
Interesting tidbit--the side table was an unused item that a family friend gave us--and as you may can tell if you look closely--it doubles as a dog crate!

My bedside table. I LOVE my lamp--I got it with credit left over from our wedding gifts. Score! Items on the table are a hodgepodge--a pic of Taylor and me one summer when we were dating, my Bible, my journals, several books, ranging from popular fiction like Same Kind of Different As Me to nonfiction like A Body of Work--a book about the history of gross anatomy and the people who make it possible for students like me to learn as much as we do about the human body, by giving theirs up after they are gone. Pretty interesting stuff.

Taylor's bedside table: our couples' Bible, LOTS of books--mostly new fiction and books like the Hunting Stories one there on the right, our iHome--gotta have music! Taylor is the DJ extraordinnaire of the household for sure.

This painting on the wall is one that Taylor's mom, Lisa, painted and gave to us the night we got engaged--isn't she talented?

Here is the actual picture of us, which was taken at Taylor's fraternity formal in New Orleans. We dressed up (obviously) in Old Southern style fun!

This painting, over by my side of the bed, was a wedding gift from one of my best friends, Haley, and her family--painted by her Dad! He is a pretty amazing man--he's a devoted and intelligent physician, but his biggest hobby is painting! You may can see that at the very bottom of the gift, it spells out the word "Grace" in tiny letters.

One of my favorite parts about our room is that it has French doors leading out to the back patio.

Ted assuming his usual position. PS--the bench is also one of my favorite things in the room! We also got it with leftover bridal credit. Score again! Our bedding, another favorite, was a very gracious gift from Taylor's parents. The silk panels I got at Tuesday Morning--they were really inexpensive, and I love them!!

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  1. I like the colors and the french doors!

  2. love the paint color, the drapes, the doors, and, of course, ted :-)

  3. Hi! I'm stopping by from Kelly's Korner. I love the color of your room! Ted's a little cutie pie. :)