Saturday, September 11, 2010

Grovin' It

Last weekend was the season opener for the Ole Miss Rebels in Oxford, and I've gotta tell ya...there's nothing like the Grove! This year, Taylor and I have officially become adults. In Mississippi, this means that you start paying for and bringing all the food for your own tent. Ha! Both my parents and Taylors' parents, since they did not go to Ole Miss, with the exception of my mom, had a tent while we were in college, but after our graduation and Taylor's brother's graduation, they disbanded their tents. I guess, since they didn't graduate from Ole Miss, we won't hold it against them. ;)
(Also, I mean nothing against Mississippi College or Mississippi State by my enthusiasm for the Grove and Ole Miss football. My brother and his wife graduated from MC (go Choctaws!) and I have plenty of dear friends who are bulldogs.)

Here's a Grove-worthy pic of Taylor, me, Travis and Caroline:

A framer for sure!

And here's one of Whitney, one of my dearest friends since, well, birth. She was fielding calls all day because SHE GOT ENGAGED THE NIGHT BEFORE!!! We are SO excited for Whitney and Graves and for what the Lord has in store for them.

And just for's a pic of my "fur baby", as I affectionately call him:

Love that little guy. We were so excited to see him and Ruby when we got home!

All of this football and groving makes my heart happy...but I must say that the biggest downside of it is that it adds to our out of town time. I feel like we are hardly ever home on the weekends this time of year! I sing in the choir at our church, and we love love love our Sunday School class, so I hate to miss it. If any of you are reading, we haven't fallen off the face of the earth! In actuality, we've only missed one Sunday so far due to football. I guess we've just been out of town a lot. Although, they do say it's like a religion in the South...maybe this is why! :)

Hope you (and your team!) are doing well! Go Rebels...beat Tulane!

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