Friday, September 10, 2010

Finishing Up DC

On Tuesday of the trip, Taylor and I headed out to the Holocaust Museum after his morning meetings. If you have never been , try to make it a point to visit this museum. It is a hard thing to see, but, I believe, a necessary one if you have the means. The museum does an amazing job of chronicling Hiter’s rise to power, and essentially answering perhaps the biggest question that is begged of the events of and those leading up to the Holocaust: “HOW could this have happened?!” Next we walked over to the National Museum of American History, where we saw the actual Star Spangled Banner, the one that inspired the penning of our national anthem. It was tattered and torn from the battle, but beautiful still.

On Wednesday we spent the ENTIRE morning at the Newseum, and I still could have stayed longer. Highlights included the 9/11 exhibit, the Katrina exhibit, the Spy exhibit (all about the FBI, J Edgar Hoover, and how they solve cases such as that of the Mississippi Burning, the Unibomber, and the DC Sniper), and most of all, the Pulitzer Prize winning photos from the last 50 years. Then on to the National Archives where we viewed the original Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. It blows my mind that we still have these original documents, and in such good condition. Then we jetted over to the National Museum of Natrual History, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Vietnam War Memorial. Whew! It was a loooong day, but SO worth it! Here are a few final pics. If anyone is still reading, I know you are probably tired of all the details, but I just want to chronicle all this so I can look back on it one day and remember the trip!

The Washington Monument, taken from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial:

Taylor and me on the roof of the Newseum, with Pennsylvania Avenue in the background. They call it "America's Main Street":

Thought this was a really cool pic. Thinking about including it in a wall of framed photos that I'm planning for my dining room. Thoughts or opinions, anyone? Maybe I like it too much. Be honest! This was taken at the WW II memorial, and that's the Lincoln Memorial in the background:

At the WWII memorial:

Julia Child's kitchen!!!:

Taylor's name has been temporarily changed to "Goofy", for reasons depicted here:

He said the walrus made him feel small.

I love my funny honey! :) Anyway--this post won't go up until Friday if I can figure out how to do a timed post...but as of right now, I am watching the Saints/Vikings WHO DAT!! Tomorrow we are headed to the Big Easy for the Ole Miss vs. Tulane game this weekend. Can't wait to eat some beignets and feel the beat of the city! Hope your weekend is a great one!

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  1. Catherine, I'm glad you and Taylor had such a great visit to DC! I wish we had time to get together, but life gets busy. To answer your question about the duck photo, I love it, and definitely think it should be included on your photo wall!