Sunday, September 19, 2010

Early Christmas

Well, it was another successful weekend in the Grove! Though the game might not have been so successful. But we won't discuss such things. What really matters is that we show up and have a great time, right?? Because it was a morning game this time (11:30) we got to the Grove around 9 am. I decided to go with the flow of things and focus on breakfast-y foods this game. I made some yummy cheese grits, using the recipe straight off the Quaker 5-minute Grits box, with a few additions....such as almost DOUBLE the cheese! I mean, I believe that if you're gonna eat cheese grits, there should be no doubt about the strength of their cheesiness! They turned out great, minus the fact that by the time we got back from the game, they were a cheese brick! Note to self: next time bring a chafing dish and some sterno.

My next dish was a Paula Deen. Nuff said, right? At several wedding receptions in Memphis in recent months, I've had this INCREDIBLE, make you slap yo mama Brown Sugar Bacon. When I found out this weekend's game was in the am, I thought about that bacon and what a great Grove food it would make! So I googled it, and of course it was a Paula Deen recipe. Shoulda known. It's really simple though. You mix 1 tbs of dijon mustard with 1/2 cup brown sugar in a ziplock bag, and then put in 1/4 lb of bacon, tossing to coat. (Of course, you can multiply this depending on how much bacon you want to make). Then bake in the oven at 400 degrees for 20 minutes, and voila! In the oven I used this weekend (at our dear friends' Angela and Davidson Forester's house in Oxford--they were so kind to open their doors to us for the second time this season!) the 20 minutes didn't quite do it, so I turned the oven on broil for about an additional five minutes, and that got them to just the right level of crispiness. Of course, I guess I'm leaving out the part about when I forgot that I had it on broil, and smoke poured out of the oven, and I set off the smoke alarm, waking up the hibernating bear (aka my husband) upstairs, not to mention half the neighborhood. Oopsies.

Speaking of, I will foray into a little anecdote: growing up, we lived right down the road from some good family friends. The mom of the family (a close friend of my mom's) attempted several times to bake bread, or something like that, and seriously, 4 or 5 times, the fire truck would show up, sirens and all. It got to be that every time we heard a fire truck from our house, somebody would yell, "Dea Dea's baking again!" With the track I'm on, that's probably going to be me. Sigh.
Today was our first bonus choir rehearsal for Carols by Candlelight, my church's Christmas program. (Yep, we've already started singing Christmas music--in fact, we started at the end of July!! Which is fine by me-I usually start listening to it in early October! My friends always make fun of me, so this provides the perfect outlet to listen and sing it freely sans ridicule--ha!). In the hustle and bustle of leaving for church this morning, I totally forgot about the lunch and extra rehearsal after the service today, and so when we got there I realized that I would need to get my sister, Angie, or my mom to give me a ride home. When we sat down to rehearse, Mom leaned over and said, "Hey, I will need to get Angie or you to give me a ride home because I don't have my car." I explained to her my situation, and so we figured we could both just ride with Angie. When Angie sat down a couple of minutes later, she leaned over to us and said, "Hey, will one of y'all take me home after rehearsal, because I don't have my car." Haha! We were cracking up when we realized what had happened. Thankfully, our sweet family friends Allyn and S.T. Ray live right around the corner from where we needed to go, so all five of us piled into Allyn's small SUV (with Angie's on the Ray's grandson's booster seat!) for a ride home. Pretty comical.
I am SO excited about our Christmas program this year--if you live in the Jackson area and have never attended Carols and you're interested in coming--please let me know!! You do have to have a ticket, but they are free. They only require them to ensure that everyone who comes has a seat, and for fire code purposes. Although, there usually do end up being people who have to stand! About 50,000 people attend every year over the course of the four performances. I'm not sure of the exact dates this year--it's a Saturday and Sunday in mid-December though. I'll check on that and let y'all know. It's a great Christmastime tradition to start if you've never been!

I will leave you with a few pics from last weekend's adventure--the Ole Miss vs. Tulane game in New Orleans. It was like a giant college reunion on the streets of New fun!

The Sledges and the Finchers after lunch at the Bourbon House:

Clay and Christina. They are getting married in March, and we are so excited for them!

Yuuuuuummmm. Better even than I remembered it.

Me and one of my BFF's from college, Audrey:

I love this guy!

Hope you are having a great Sunday night and maybe even watching the "Manning Bowl"! I am blogging and watching the game simultaneously...but about to replace both with studying! Gotta come back to real life at some point, I guess. Hope you have a great week!

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  1. I LOVE Carols by Candlelight. I'm so sad we're not doing as much Groveing this year, but my parents aren't doing a tent since Cookie graduated and we didn't jump on it soon enough to get a group together ourselves. It's probably for the best anyway, I guess, since I'm usually exhausted by the weekend, but I miss the fun! Oh well, hopefully next year