Monday, August 23, 2010

Feliz Cumpleanos!

Last night Taylor and I went to a surprise Mexican birthday party for our dear friend Carolyn Grace! I think she may have had an inkling that something was up, but it didn't matter--she was still super excited, and plus we got to yell "Surprise!" and blow noisemakers...that's all the really matters, right? :)

Taylor and William, the sweet husband of the birthday girl, and our dear friend as well. He planned a great party! What a sweet present for her birthday in their first year of marriage!

We love this couple!! As you can tell, we called each other ahead of time and color-coordinated our outfits.


After the par-tay/fiesta we had the pleasure of Wade (another sweet friend--she's the one in the pink in the first picture of this post) coming over to the house for a while to hang out and talk about life. I can honestly say that I feel uplifted about life in general, and encouraged in my walk with the Lord, every time I have a long conversation with her. (Which is often, considering we have been through pretty much everything together since we were 4, and I see her almost every day. For anyone reading this who doesn't know us personally, we have been through every possible type of school together--from kindergarten to elementary to high school, college and the same sorority, to dental school. Crazy!) We love you Wade!

On another note--can I just go ahead and shamelessly profess my love for high school football?? We had plans this past Friday night and so we missed the first game of our high school's season, but I plan to make as many as we can! There's just something about it...not to mention the fact that it means cooler weather is coming, and coming soon! I am normally a summer-loving girl, and I still am, but this summer has been so unbearably hot that I am longing for those cold Friday football nights when I can get some hot chocolate from the concession stand ("Hey, Mrs. So-and-so, so good to see you! ____(insert son's name here) made such an awesome play last week!"), squirm my way back up through the bleachers, speaking to everyone along the way, and snuggle back up next to Taylor and at some point in the course of the night get away with wearing his big camo jacket that always seems to be warmer than whatever I brought! He is so sweet to always keep me warm!

My nephews Carter and Kyle are playing high school and junior high football, respectively, so I can't wait to see them in action again this year!

Now I'm off to indulge my guilty pleasure....watching ABC Family's The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Make fun of me if you will, but I love it! Taylor is having a man-night at the deer camp tonight with his dad, my dad, and his brother, so I am indulging watching the shows he's not so keen on. :) And I need to get in an hour or so of studying too. Wish me luck!

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