Monday, August 16, 2010

Back to the Grind

Well, since I last posted, we've taken another trip, this time to Nashville for a family friend's wedding. Nashville is, I think, my other favorite city in these great united states. If I lived anywhere but here, it would be Nashville or New York. Which is funny, because they are so vastly different. Nashville has such a cool, young vibe with the plus of an almost small-town, laid back, everybody-knows-everybody kind of feel. It lives up to it's nickname of Music City, with dozens of big-name acts making appearances every weekend, and hundreds if not thousands of music hopefuls strumming their gee-tars and hoping to catch someone's ear. (As an aside, my BFF lives there, and she informed me that the most used and most popular pickup line among Nashville guys is, "Hey, we should write together sometime..." HA!). Here's a pic of us from the weekend:

Taylor and I headed up to Nashville Thursday morning, by way of Oxford. We stopped there for a couple of business meetings Taylor needed to tend to, which was more than fine by me! I got to eat at Bottetree and read the local paper and my current book(possibly my favorite pasttime ever. fyi I'm currently reading Willie Morris' New York Days, will give a report later), and I got to hang out with my sweet friend Carley Ann, who just got married a couple of weeks ago while I was in NYC!

After that short stop, it was off to Nashville! The drive was nice, including a couple of stops (because my bladder is small as a pea, seriously...poor Taylor), and then he dropped me off at a cool coffee shop in hillsboro village called Fido. I continued my reading while he had his business meetings, and then he came back later to join me. That night we had a delicious dinner at an Asian fusion restaurant called P.M., and we ran into our friends Will and Allie. It was so good to see them! Then met my BFF for some after dinner coffee at the coffeehouse next door, Bongo Java. (I love that fun to say! Bongo Java Bongo Java Bongo Java! Sounds like drums...bongos!) Then off to our hotel, the Hutton, for some shut-eye.

Friday morning Taylor dropped me off at a cool shopping center with (you guessed it) a coffeeshop, so I could find a cool bday present for Emily and have a place to read and study. One of my dear friends, Tricia, picked me up for a great lunch at a little eatery called the Picnic. Our friend Scarlet, who just recently moved to Nashville to get her MBA at Vandy, met us there. It was SO good to see these sweet girls! I wish I had thought to get a pic of the three of us!

That night Taylor, Em, and I met our friends Blake and Ally at a brand new Nashville restaurant, Burger Up! It's in the 12South district, which is an up-and-coming area of urban renewal. We loved the restaurant...the burgers were so flavorful! All the ingredients are local, with a touch of flair such as the Jack Daniels maple ketchup that is served alongside the restaurants sweet potato fries. Can you say YUM?
This was followed by popsicles from the famous Las Paletas. I have to confess that over the course of the weekend I had three, yes three, popsicles from this place. I justify this by the fact that it was over 95 degrees just about the whole time we were there! I tried to be adventurous though! Friday night I had an avocado one, and Saturday I had cucumber with peppers and chocolate with chocolate chips as my lunch! Here is their chalkboard with most of the flavors:

The next day Tay and I, Emily and her roommate, Emily, (confusing, I know!), Taylor's parents Mark and Lisa, and our good friends the Roberts, all met for breakfast at the Nashville favorite, the Pancake Pantry. I had the Santa Fe pancakes, which have cheddar cheese, green chilies, and bacon cooked into them! If you've never been to the Pancake Pantry, you should most definitely go on your next trip to Nashville! A bit of advice though: go early, and be prepared to wait. The line is always long, but it moves quickly.

That day we went to the 7th annual Tomato Festival, in East Nashville. This included such funzies as a tomato haiku contest (1st prize, an Ipad-these people don't play!), a wet burrito contest (who can eat a burrito the fastest while being sprayed with a water hose), lots of vendors of local art, and a redhead contest! It was really fun but Lordy moses it was HOT. We went with Mark and Lisa and the Roberts after breakfast, but had to take a break for a while before we went back later in the afternoon to see Emily and Emily enter the redhead contest. (Which they did not was rigged, I tell you, rigged!) Then a quick visit with Taylor's cousin, Rebecca, and back to the hotel. Here's a pic of Taylor and me melting away, holding giant tomato-shaped fans:

That night was the wedding, which was beautiful and lots of fun!

All in all, it was a great trip! I'm still waiting on some pics from my NYC trip, and I'll hopefully get to post those soon! Also, coming up, a couple of book reviews! It's back to school for me tomorrow though, and back to the grind. I had a mini-meltdown yesterday about how badly I do NOT want to push through these last 10 months of dental school. I love what I do, the actual dentistry and patient part of it, but I do NOT love the way the dental school is run. But sweet Taylor encouraged me, and as I must, I am just going to smile and make the best of it! I hope you are having a great end-of-summer!

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