Thursday, July 29, 2010

Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?

Ok, so I'm not Carmen San Diego, but do y'all remember her?! I loved that computer game back in the day, when computers were ginormous and I was learning to type with Paws and Mavis Beacon Teaching Typing. Good times.

Anyway, so...I guess I'm not Carmen San Diego, but my initials are the same as hers, C and S. This post may start a new series for me...maybe each time I travel I will do a Where in the World post and make you guess before I reveal where I am! I am really passionate about travel and learning about other places/cultures (as is Taylor) and I hope to do a lot of that, so hopefully these posts won't be too terribly far apart!

Ok, so here is your (very big, probably going to give it away) hint for my current location:

Can you guess where I am??

PS: For those of you who asked, thanks, and yes recording went well! It was really fun! Of course it is always my tendency to micro-scrutinize myself into oblivion, but for the sake of fun and gratitude for Taylor coming to the studio with me and recording one of the songs, I will take it for what it's worth and try not to be so critical of myself. :) Will post one or two of them when I get home. Toodles!

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