Tuesday, July 6, 2010

From Sea to Shining Sea, Part Deux

I don't know about you, but I've decided that the FIFTH of July should also be declared a holiday!! I loved the fact that this year the holiday many people took off from work was on a Monday, after the holiday weekend. There's nothing better than a good four-day weekend, in my opinion. I love the feeling of relaxation after a fun weekend on a Sunday night, but there is always Monday morning looming in the very near future. With a long weekend, you get to go to sleep Sunday night and not worry about setting the alarm for the next morning! Blissful.
Taylor's parents were kind enough to let me invite my sister and her family over for their FIFTH of July celebration. Here's Angie with my nephew Kyle:
Caroline and me:
My cute mother-in-law rockin' the shades and floppy hat look:
My niece Olivia and our friend Triston:
Kyle and me hanging on for dear life. These pictures don't really show it, but Taylor has no mercy when he is driving the boat! You'd better hold on to your swimsuit bottoms!
Carter and Olivia getting fancy:
Triston and Olivia fished off the pier after we got back from tubing--they caught 5 catfish!
Mark taking a break from grilling and fishing to enjoy the shade:
Mark, Minto, and Taylor enjoying a sunset swim--aren't the colors beautiful?
I got a little out of order with these--I still haven't posted the pics yet from the actual 4th of July, when we went down to my parents' hunting camp. Stay tuned!

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