Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Paris in Pictures

I have been meaning to post these for a couple of weeks now...so here there are! A short recap of our WONDERFUL, whirlwind trip to Paris. The picture below is in front of the Louvre--the first place we went after our all night flight. We arrived in Paris at 6:10 am, set our bags down in the room, and hit the road!

Headed back to the apartment from the Louvre. I learned a lot of tricks this trip from Taylor's parents, Mark and Lisa--one of which is that in a city like Paris, it is more cost effective and more fun to rent an apartment rather than stay in a hotel! You get the feel of what it's like to really live in the city, passing by corner bakeries every morning and night on your way home. I loved traveling this way.

Lisa and I apparently deep in conversation at the Hemingway Bar inside the Ritz Paris. We stopped in the famous bar before dinner the first night of our stay. That's my drink that you see in the bottom of the picture. It was really cool--I don't remember what all was in it, except that it did have champagne, and that there was a rose in the drink, which made for a really cool aromatic experience every time I took a sip. It added a lot to the flavor! I am going to try to remember that the next time I throw a party.

The hustle and bustle inside the tiny bar.

Chef Cote, the fearless leader of our Le Cordon Bleu cooking class. He was funny and entertaining, and the food he taught us to make was DELICIOUS!

A beautiful picture of the front of Notre Dame. (I thoroughly enjoyed my new camera on this trip, as you can tell!)

Taylor and me by the back of Notre Dame.

Our one celebrity sighting--Karl Lagerfeld, head designer at Chanel. He's hard to miss if you see him on the street! He always wears dark sunglasses, bright ties, and fingerless gloves. Crazy.

My midnight Nutella crepe. You MUST eat a Nutella crepe before you die. Although, I wouldn't be surprised if they show up in heaven.

Taylor snapped a pic of me on the Pont Neuf (a famous bridge) with the Tour Eiffel, as the French say, in the background.

Family pic!

I just thought this was a really cool photo. I took it as we were walking toward the tuileries from the Eiffel Tower. This was just a random tree-lined boulevard.

On the train, on our way to Versailles with Fat Tire Bike Company. SO fun! I highly recommend this company if you are traveling to any major European cities--they have branches in most.

My sweet hubby on his bike, carrying the bag of bread we had bought for lunch at the open air Versailles market. It's interesting--I had never really realized that Versailles is a little town just outside of Paris. I had always known about the Palace at Versailles, but I never thought about the fact that a town exists there.

It rained a little during our picnic at the palace grounds, but we were prepared!

Taylor and me in front of the palace.

And that's all folks! Our trip in a (small) nutshell. I left out a lot--we also visited the Saint Chapelle, the Sacre Coeur, the Moulin Rouge, did a little shopping and ate at some fabulous restaurants. If you've never been to Paris, I hope you will get the chance to go one day! I'm thankful I got the chance. It's an amazing city, rich in history and beauty and culinary traditions, among many other things.
Au revoir!