Saturday, May 29, 2010


Hi there! Just wanted to say that Paris is all it's cracked up to be! We have been walking the city and consuming gastronomic delights like this:

And taking in beautiful sights such as these!

When we get home in a couple of days I will do a full recap with LOTS of pics! Until then--au revoir!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Hoggy Bottom Boys

Last night was our supper club night. We look forward to it every month for the great company and fun! We don't usually have themes, but every now and then we will do something like Mexican, or in this case, barbecue. Our friends Kim and BC hosted the soiree:

Kim did a great job of decorating, and the meal was DELICIOUS! Pork with somebody's grandma's homemade barbecue sauce that was to DIE for, our friend William's famous slaw, and Taylor's baked beans, which his friends have dubbed "World's Best". They are pretty dadgum good if I say so myself. (Which I can--I don't cook them, I just cheer from the sidelines and test ingredients, like the crisped bacon, just to, you know, make sure it's not poisoned or anything ;).

Creators of the famous slaw--the (newly minted!) Finchers:

Our 2nd anniversary is next Monday, and because of our upcoming Paris trip, I didn't think Taylor and I were doing gifts this year. I figured we'd buy a cool piece of art in Paris as our gift to each other. But my ever-thoughtful husband went on the sly and got me.....THIS:

We had talked about getting a really nice camera not too long before we have kids, but I wasn't expecting to get anything before then. He said he chose this one because it is a great entry-level camera for people who are looking to take their photography to a more professional level. I am so excited!! So this yesterday and today I set about learning as much as I can about it's functions and options, and taking a TON of pictures. Here are my feeble attempts at "artsy" photography. I am pretty terrible at it right now, but I am learning!

The beautiful table:

CG's cute outfit:

My favorite bakery/deli:

A sweet new addition in my town: Gigi's cupcakes! Mmmm....

One of my favorite spots in town:

I'm going to busy myself over the next few days getting to know all the camera settings as intimately as possible, so our Paris pics will be fabulous!