Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Misconception?

I’m baaaaack!

Took a little hiatus there, for a time. I was stressed to the max with our national clinical board exam (which I passed by the way—woohoo!) and a brain-exhausting marathon’s worth of cramming my appointment books slap full untiI I forgot that the world doesn’t revolve around treatment plans and teeth.


I think now that spring has (finally) sprung, I’m ready to slow down a bit and smell the roses. I bought a beautiful Easter lily the other day, at Kroger actually, and it is making my living room smell delicious!

Speaking of delicious…I made a cake on Sunday for my brother-in-law’s sweet girlfriend, Caroline. And I must say….it was probably the ugliest cake I’ve ever seen. Truly. But mmmmm was it good. Apparently I should have put parchment paper or something in the round pans before I poured the batter in? I used Pam, but I guess that wasn’t good enough. Oh gosh, not to mention the first batch of icing I made…it was a total disaster. Thankfully one of my best friends is a pastry chef. That certainly has its perks!

Ok, so I have a random question/comment/statement. Lately my thoughts keep being drawn to this topic. Here it is: do people who go to small Christian colleges like Mississippi College think that Ole Miss people are pretty much all drunk partyers?

I don’t know why I keep thinking this—I just hope that it is not the case. I know that there is a difference in the two schools, obviously. But for the most part, we are all Mississippians. We’re really not that different. I guess—ok, here’s the thing for me. Sometimes I feel like I need to censor myself when I am around people who went to one of these smaller colleges so they won’t think something negative of me—which is no good. But the funny thing is, I don’t ever (ok, hardly ever) curse, I never use vulgar humor or jokes, and my actions are pretty much the same around all types of people—I drink rarely and sparingly, in moderation, I like to have good clean fun, and I always want to do my best to represent Christ, my family, and my values to the best of my ability. So what am I even censoring? But here’s the thing--when I went to college, I met lots of different types of people. People who don’t necessarily share my values, or who may have a different lifestyle than I have. What I learned there is that I am called to love all kinds of people! Christ didn’t pursue or love some people less than others because their lifestyle was less acceptable. He actually hung out with those people a lot more! I don’t make it my purpose to be judgmental of any type of person or their choices. I just want them to know the kind of person that I am, Who and what I stand for, that I love and accept them, and that Christ’s offer is extended to everyone should they choose to follow him.

All of that to say—and I know a couple of you who read this blog went to a small Christian college—I just want to make sure that there isn’t a generalized negative connotation about people who go to large state universities. Let me know what you think!

Just had to get that off the proverbial chest.

Taylor and I decked out in traffic-stopping green on Saturday for the Jackson St. Paddy’s Day parade (which is the 2nd largest in the nation by the way!!! After Chicago. They dye their river green…I mean, come on, if we had a river, we’d put them to SHAME with how green it would be)—and we had a BLAST! If you’ve never been, I highly recommend it. I brought home lots of beads for next year’s Mardi Gras parties! I’ll post pics soon. Til then, ta-ta!


  1. I mean you pretty much offend me on a weekly basis in Sunday School, but I'm not judging you for it. JUST KIDDING!!!! I do agree with you though! I think it's more the pressue we put on ourselves and the assumptions we make about what others are thinking. (I'm horrible about doing this!!) Check your calendars and lets plan a Sledge/Mathis dinner night soon.

  2. Ok, I'm just now reading this post. I personally don't think EVERYONE who goes to Ole Miss is a drunken party-er anymore than I think EVERYONE who goes to MC is closed-minded and judgmental. Sad to say it, but for the most part, I feel like both are accurate generalizations--i.e. there are a LOT people who go to Ole Miss that drink too much and there are a LOT of people at MC that judge too much. Of course, they are just that- generalizations. And, I don't know I could be wrong. I do know which one breaks my heart more and it's my Alma Mater, not yours ;).

    I think you totally have the right attitude...I try to have a "love the sinner, hate the sin" attitude in every relationship I have, because let's face it we are all sinners who, well, sin.

    I am SO nosy, so I'm totally curious about what you've censored. HA! I've struggled with the same thing GOING to Mississippi College. It's a fine line, but for the most part I tried not to censure unless I really felt like it would hurt my witness. Such good thoughts, Catherine!

  3. oh AND have you tried pam BAKING spray...that may have been what you used, but it has flour and stuff and I use it when I make cakes in the bundt pan.