Monday, March 29, 2010

A Blowout and a Little Bit O' Spring

So I was riding along on the interstate last night after singing in the Wonder of Easter, our church's Easter program, when all of a sudden I started hearing this extremely loud whirring sound. At first I thought a huge truck was about to pass me. But when nothing happened, and the whirring kept getting louder, and then I started to smell burning rubber...I realized something was wrong with my car. Now, remember I was on the interstate, which might as well be the ghetto as far as safety of a girl alone on the side of the road goes. I was freaking out, but I pulled over when I could and opened my door to check out my back tire...and it looked something like this--maybe a little worse:

Um, yeah. So I gimp my way along the side of the interstate, going about 15 mph with my flashers on, until I got to a nearby exit and was able to slowly roll into a gas station in a safe area. I was scared to death that I had messed the rim up by riding on it, but I figured having to buy a new rim would be better than getting kidnapped--or worse--waiting on the side of the interstate at 10 pm.
Anyway--my sweet Dad and Taylor came to the rescue, along with a really nice man who was the manager of the gas station. Who, incidentally, probably thought I had lost my mind. I rolled up in the gas station looking a little scared and somewhat confused, and I think I stared at the guy behind the checkout counter for like 45 seconds before I even said anything. At which point, I realized that I was wearing the sparkly black mu-mu from our Easter program. Actually, it's like a mu-mu on top of a mu-mu. Regular black mu-mu covered by special sparkly black mu-mu. So what I'm sayin' is that I was looking pret-ty cute. Mmmmhm. I'm sure the poor dude thought I was crazy.

Anyway--all is well. The rim turned out to be fine because I had gone so slow, and we got two new tires today to replace the ones that my dad apparently told me two years ago would need replacing. Oopsies. Ah, well, we live and learn.

In other news--spring has sprung, and I've got the itch. The spring itch. I've been moving things around in my house, eyeing places that look a little too bare and are begging for some attention, and putting out as many light, airy, and green things I can get my hand on.

I have been holding onto some bridal credit at Batte Furniture from our wedding, slowly eeking it out a little at a time. I really have enjoyed waiting a while before I used all my credit at various's a great way to be able to fund a rainy day shopping trip! It's all gone now though, except for a big chunk we had left at Batte. But I put a large dent in it today with...drumroll please...............

THIS!! I am so excited about it! I have really been wanting a bench for our bedroom, and I finally found it. It fits our style perfectly, and I really think it looks good in the room. I did some other rearranging in our room as well as the rest of the house--it's amazing what that can do for your house and your psyche! It's really refreshing. We are going to hang this painting over the bench. Lisa, Taylor's mom, painted this and gave it to us the night we got engaged. It's from a picture that was taken of us at Taylor's Old South KA formal our senior year. It's really special to us.

We've had it in our room, but now it has the perfect place to hang. Another new addition is this plate in our kitchen. I was going through my parents' hall closet last week looking for something and found it. It was a wedding gift from my grandmother's old boss, the Vice Chancellor of UMC, to my parents. They had never really used it, and so mom sent it with me to use in our kitchen. My grandmother really loved working at the medical center--that job was very special to her. She passed away just a few months ago, and so it makes me really happy to have this little reminder of her in my kitchen.

I made a few other changes, but I won't bore you with those. I just wanted to share a little of my springy-ness!

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