Monday, February 15, 2010

Since I've Been Gone

Soooo since you last heard from me, here's what I have been doing:
1. taking an exam about the safe use of nitrous oxide
2. attending an oh-so-fun wedding in Memphis, at which the groom's cake was the entire GROVE, complete with Hotty Toddy Potty and Walk of Champions arch
3. watching the SAINTS win the SUPER BOWL!!! WHO DAT!!
4. enjoying a week off from school
5. going to my favorite place in the world for breakfast--Bottletree Bakery--and enjoying some hearty toast, the best raspberry jam in the whole world, cafe au lait, and some really hard crossword puzzles
6. planning my sweet friend Carolyn Grace's wedding shower
7. watching Season One of Brothers and Sisters, which I got on the two week free trial from Netflix (which I will be cancelling before I get charged! is that bad?)
8. making a Mardi Gras snowman with my sweet Valentine and his family!
9. making a whirlwind trip to Nashville to see my BFF act in Fiddler on the Roof at a totally posh little theatre
10. enjoying a pre-Valentine's dinner with our friends Tricia and Reid
11. spending a sweet Valentine weekend with my husband, having fun on a road trip together, and receiving a sweet gift of a card and two brand new really cute dog beds! (which, if you know me, made me so happy! I want my puppies to have something soft and cute to sleep on!)
12. getting back into the swing of things at school after being out for a week
13. planning our weekend trip (coming up) to Perdido for Taylor's business kickoff weekend for 2010
14. SERIOUSLY considering coloring my hair....this coming from the girl who has ALWAYS said she would be 100% au natural when it comes to hair color....I'm thinking maybe a little darker with some reddish undertones. I'm scared to death. I have an appointment for Thursday, but I may chicken out. Thoughts?

Whew! Here are a few pics from my little world since we last met!

Us with Trish and Reid, on a sorta-Valentine date:
my favorite snowmen from our street!

Our neighborhood doesn't look like this often!! It was so beautiful.

My little buddy frolicking in the snow

Our backyard. I loved how the snow made a ring at the top of the chimenea.

We went over to Taylor's parents' for pancakes and ended up making Mr. Mardi Gras. I am sad to report however, that soon thereafter, his head fell off. Ha!

Travis and me getting the snowballs ready for snowman making!
Em and I, trying to stay warm in the line at Pancake Pantry in Nashville...if you've never been, get in your car immediately and drive there. It's that good.

We still have the trip this weekend, but generally my life is back to its normal routine. I love mixing it up, but it's nice to be home too!