Saturday, January 16, 2010

You've Come to the Right Place

On Kelly's blog this week, she's spotlighting getting healthy in 2010--healthy tips, tricks, eating and exercise ideas. Well, sportsfans, you've come to the right place. I have run the gamut when it comes to health and exercise. I have been on both ends of the spectrum--very overweight, in my early teen years, a little too thin for me, the first year I did the Miss Mississippi pageant (if you're a new reader, don't be too influenced by that in either direction--I'm not a pageant person! Enjoy them, sure, but not one of those girls with the bouffant hair)--and now, I'm a little bit over my ideal weight--working on it though! Dental school sucks a lot of my energy away, but I find that when I work out, my energy is replenished rather than diminished further.

For the last couple of years Taylor and I have been doing a 12 week bootcamp in the spring and fall with a local exercise tycoon--and it kicked our butts!! My dad (who is a VERY young 60 years old) did it with us, and he is continuing this spring. Taylor and I are taking a break for this 12 weeks, honestly to get a little more sleep! The workout was at 6 am on the weekdays, and combined with our schedules it was a bit overwhelming. Totally worth it though! We are just taking a brief respite, and I'm going to start running more in the meantime.

Here is a pic of Dad and me with the trainer, Paul Lacoste:

A few tips I think are helpful for healthy eating and exercise:

1. Instead of thinking about what you can't eat, think about all the amazing nutrients you are putting in your body when you eat things like fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, and lean meats. It makes me feel good when I see how green and crunchy fresh romaine lettuce is, and how beautifully dark red a dried cranberry or fresh cherry is.

2. Try to keep meals at small portions, and eat 1 or 2 healthy snacks per day.

3. One of my new favorite things to do for breakfast is make a quick omelette. I pack my lunch for the day while the egg is cooking, throw a little shredded cheese in the egg, then fold over, wait a few more seconds, and enjoy. I've also started filling a small bowl with frozen berries, cherries, or mango before I start cooking the egg. By the time I sit down to eat my quick breakfast, the fruit has thawed just enough that it's easy to eat, but still has a little bit of that frozen treat-ish feel to it.

4. Try to eat plenty of vegetables at both lunch and dinner.
5. Take time to do a few sets of crunches each day. I find that if my abs are not necessarily sore, but they are reminding me that they exist!--then I will be more likely to pay attention to what I'm eating during the day

I was pretty affected by being overweight when I was young. I had achieved a normal, healthy weight by late high school, but while I was in college, I realized that I should do something to give back to the state I love so much, that is unfortunately highest in the nation when it comes to being overweight. I never talk about this stuff, really at all, and definitely not on the blog, because I don't like to really "plug" myself or anything I may have worked on. I mentioned it in the previous post, and that was really the first time. But as an almost business person--because that's what I will be, as well as a dentist, when I graduate--I guess I need to learn to advertise a little, and realize that it's not a non-humble thing to do. I am just trying to make at least a small difference in my little corner of the world.

Anyway--I wrote a children's book in 2004 called Anna's Choice that was illustrated by Gail Pittman and published by Quail Ridge Press.
It's available on Amazon and at bookstores around Mississippi and a few in Florida. Soon after this, my dad and I started working on a project called You've Gotta Move, which is a children's exercise DVD, much like a workout DVD, designed to be used in the classroom. It's fun and energetic, and set to original songs written by Randy Kline, a grammy winning songwriter and producer from NYC. The project was funded by the Mississippi State Legislature and copies of the DVD were sent to every elementary school classroom in the state. If you are a teacher in MS who happens to be reading this blog--please let me know if you've come across or used the DVD in your classroom! It's perfect to get those recommended amounts of physical activity each week in your classroom.
Currently I'm working with Chef Luis Bruno on a healthy and fun kids' cookbook, that we hope to make big progress on in the first half of this year. Stay tuned for updates!

Thanks for stopping by, and good luck with your healthy endeavors in 2010!


  1. Peyton told me about meeting y'all. I'm so glad you got to chat a little. Listen, I want your advice on something. Do you have any great health *easy* ideas for how to gain ten pounds? I don't know if you saw on my blog, but I really am trying to do just that and probably just eating Oreos by the package isn't the best way to go about it! Thanks!

  2. p.s. I love that you wrote a children's book! When else did you talk about it? How did I miss it??

  3. Hey! Thanks for commenting on my blog! I love making new blog friends! :) You have a lot of good weight loss tips. I'll have to come re-read this post when I'm trying to lose the baby weight :) Thanks again for saying hey!

  4. I'm so glad you posted on my blog! comments are always so so fun! Of course, I also so glad to meet another ENFJ:) haha. I love your blog!