Monday, January 11, 2010

A Little Overdue

I meant to post these a couple of weeks back--but better late than never! They're just a few family pics from Christmas 2009. Here is Taylor with his brother, Travis:
Candace, me, and Erika. Candace is married to Taylor's cousin Brady, and Erika is married to his cousin Britain. Apparently the Sledge men like brunettes!
My two sisters. :) My sister Angie is on the left, and my sister-in-law April is on the right.

Taylor, me, and Ted. Ruby is a little less portable than Ted is, so we didn't take her over to my parents' house. Notice Ted's Christmas sweater! One dollar in the Target bargain bin, thank you very much.'s actually a hoodie. Why a dog would need a hoodie, I guess I'll never know. A sweater, ok yeah maybe....but a hoodie? ?

My mama!

Dad in "the chair". His favorite place on planet Earth, I believe.

Ang, apparently making the list and checking it twice!

My youngest niece, Dorothy, acting coy. Pose for the camera!

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  1. Love the pics of your cute fam! Hope you're feeling better!!