Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I Am Slightly Obsessed....

....with Food Network. And HGTV. My obsession waxes and wanes from one to the other, depending on where I am in life, whether it's a senior in college with a final semester of 13 hours: weightlifting, aerobics, contemporary dance, and online musical theater. I kid you not. It was amazing. And just so you know I'm not a total slacker, I was also writing my thesis for the Honors College, acting as a Treasurer for Chi-O (which is a way bigger job than I thought it would be!), and working on the fighting childhood obesity DVD program my dad and I developed along with our producers and other talented folks. I'm not a complete bum. But I'm actually really proud of myself for chilling out a little bit in my final semester of college. I'm usually a burn-the-candle-at-both-ends kind of person, and I think that sometimes affects me and my relationships in a negative way--so i've been working on taking more time to stop and smell the roses. Anyway--sorry for the tangent. That final semester of college I lived next door to my dear friend Audrey in the Chi-O house. And she, SHE is truly a gourmand. A budding chef extraordinairre. She's always trying new recipes and entertaining. Even though I was sitting on my butt watching TV, I really did learn a lot that semester hanging out with her watching tivoed episodes of the Barefoot Contessa, Giada, etc in her room.

Then, my first year of dental school, I lived with my friend Mary Amelia, who really has a knack for decorating and arranging things in an attractive way. Taylor and I had also gotten engaged that July, so my brain was transforming into to the "nesting" stage that often comes along with marriage and starting a home together. I am not a creative person by nature, I'm much more by the book, so I again learned by watching some of those shows how to make a space feel warm, comfortable, and inviting. And I also learned more of what I like and don't like when it comes to houses and decor.

Since then I've gone back and forth...after we were married for a while, I switched back to Food Network, and now that we're in our new house and I'm in that mode, it's back to HGTV--somewhat of a mix really.

Some of my favorites from both: Divine Design, House Hunters, The Unsellables, Giada At Home, Barefoot Contessa, Iron Chef. If you're looking for inspiration in the kitchen or the home, and you don't watch these shows occasionally already, you should definitely check them out.

Last night I tried this recipe from Giada:

And it was delicious! It's Gorgonzola and Porcini Mushroom Risotto. Can you say YUM?? It was delicious and creamy and very satisfying. We just ate it with the leftover vegetable pot pie I made last night. The risotto by nature is a little time consuming (it takes about 30 minutes of TLC), but it's totally worth it! I used regular large button mushrooms instead of dried porcinis, because they are less expensive, and it turned out great.

Hope this inspired you!

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