Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bummin' Around

This weekend Taylor and I took our friends Kerri and Jonathan and Lane and Bo down to my parents' hunting camp, Fairview. Here is a picture of the camp:

It is a beautiful place that my family has THOROUGHLY enjoyed over the last several years. My old show horse and barrel horse (I grew up riding and showing horses all over the south) are there, fat and happy in the pasture. I get to ride them every now and then, which is wonderful!

This weekend we just bummed around, cooked hamburgers, and played THIS game:

..which is seriously hilarious. If you've never played, run on over to Target and pick it up for your next dinner party or any type of gathering. It's really fun for families too! I think there may be a couple of cards in the deck that have material that might not be appropriate for kids, but you can just skip those cards.

We rode around in the Jonathan's truck, checked out an extremely large, confused rooster that kept crowing even though it was wayy past dawn, and just sat on the porch enjoying the beautiful day. Ahhh relaxation.

Also, on Sunday, before we headed down to Fairview, Taylor and I had my family over for lunch to celebrate my parents' 30th anniversary! I am so thankful for the Godly example they have set for me, my sister, and my brother for a supportive and loving marriage. Congrats Mom and Dad!

Pics of the weekend coming later!

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  1. Hi Catherine! So glad you found my blog! I am enjoying reading yours now, too!