Wednesday, December 2, 2009

She Got It Honest

So my sweet half real-life, half blog friend Sarah Denley tagged me for this Honest Scrap post, in which you basically just post 10 things about your life, or thoughts, etc, that are just plain honest.

Rules for the award:
1. Must thank the person who gave you the award and list their blog and link it.
2. Share "10 Honest things" about yourself.
3. Present this award to 7 others whose blogs you find brilliant in content and/or design, or those who have encouraged you.
4. Tell those 7 people they've been awarded HONEST SCRAP and inform them of these guidelines in receiving the award.

I am desperately in need of a break from studying/scheduling patients/being stressed in general right now, so I think this short little creative outlet is exactly what I need. Ok, this first one may come as a shock to some of you, so get ready…

1. I am not a Republican. (GASP!) Wait, wait, before you run, hide, and shun me forever, hear me out. I am a moderate. I am morally conservative—ie, I detest the practice of abortion and what it entails, etc—this is a biggie. I feel deeply for the girl who may be pregnant due to rape, or who may be facing certain death if she carries her baby to term. I pray for that person, encourage them that the Lord has a plan for their life, and for that of their child, and that the Lord does not make mistakes. Her baby is NOT a mistake. HOWEVER—I think that at those encouragements, those prayers, and those acknowledgements of the Lord’s sovereignty—my role in that woman’s decision ends. It is her decision, and her life. Due to the freedoms that our country affords and stands for, I don’t think that I can tell her what she has to do. She is the only one who can make that decision. It is my job as a Christian to love her, counsel her, and do my best to help her make the right decision.

I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman only. However, I have several very dear friends who happen to be gay. They are just people, just like everyone else. While that’s not the lifestyle I choose, and I don’t think it’s what God originally intended, I think that the consequences of what happened in the Garden of Eden leave things in a state that is not exactly jet black and stark white. But I do know that the Lord is sovereign over everything. I could go into a MUCH longer discussion here, because I have some very definite opinions on the subject. (They may not be what you’d think- -please email me or comment if you’re interested, and I’ll be glad to respond.)

Also, I believe that in many instances the Democratic party can be the more compassionate one when it comes to the nitty gritty of what Christ calls us to do—help the poor, give to the needy, take in the orphans and the widows. “Oh wait”, we may say about taxes, “but that’s almost 50% of my income!! Why should I allow the government to take it from me!?” Much of this money goes to provide for those who are less fortunate than I am. I am ok with this.

Obviously the most important thing here is leadership. Thus, I vote for the candidate. In my criteria, he or she must be a Christian, and a person of integrity who “cuts the crap” as we say, and makes sure that our tax dollars are used in the most effective way. Among many other things of course.

Bottom line, you can argue politics all day, and I have no desire to do that. I just felt the need to get that off my chest to the blog world for some reason, and also to say that it is not about tolerance for me, but rather, respect. Also--I am always open to discussion!

2. I am seriously obsessed with my dog. Possibly unhealthily so. He is the cutest little guy you will ever see. He was my wedding gift from Taylor, and he is so snuggly! Taylor said he gave him to me to ward off my “mommy instinct” for a while, and that if I have a little dog to take care of, maybe it will help keep the baby blues away! Ha! Lord willing, we’d like for me to be out of school and work for at least a year before we have kids. (I think Taylor’s plan is working.)

3. Speaking of being a mom—I have to admit, I have felt a little tiny twinge of jealousy of my friends and blog friends who have little babies, and who are stay-at-home moms. (To those of you who are doing this—I think that is wonderful! What an amazing, difficult, and wonderful job to have!). I know myself though—and I know that if I did not do something outside the home as well as inside, I would go crazy. I am too high strung and high powered not to. I am super-excited about being a dentist, because (besides the fact that I love what I do) I feel like I will be able to work anywhere from 2-4 days a week and provide a healthy supplement to our income, while still being able to spend a large amount of time home with our kids.

4. I LOVE treating my patients. I love how happy a sweet patient was a couple of weeks ago when I gave him the dentures I had made for him. He didn’t have any teeth…and then all of a sudden he did! I am so thankful that the Lord has given me this opportunity to be a dentist, so that I can help people in this way and others, as well as develop lasting relationships with my patients.

5. I am really nervous about the business aspect of running a dental practice. I know that this is completely normal, but it’s still scary! I am so excited that, Lord willing, I will be going into practice with my dad and he can show me the ropes of business ownership as well as maintaining a thriving practice.

6. I think my husband is the funniest person in the world. Better put, just the best person in general! He is so selfless, so much fun to be around, and he makes me laugh every single day. I can say without a doubt that he is the strong Christ-like leader of our home that I always prayed for!

7. If I could make any food be calorie-free, it would be ice cream. Any kind of ice cream. Every kind of ice cream. It’s like Bubba from Forrest Gump, but with ice cream. Ice cream in a cone, ice cream in a cup, ice cream cake, ice cream soda, ice cream sandwich…

8. When I was in the 5th grade, I was in a reading contest with one of my best friends to get the most points for the year in our reading program at my elementary school. I had this old armchair that was wedged between my closet door and the end of my bed that had a reading lamp clipped to it. I was so hardcore that I would stay up til midnight reading, and then I would set my alarm for 3 am to get up and read. I did this for MONTHS. How crazy is that!! I was in the FIFTH grade! I’m really not that competitive of a person…maybe all my competitiveness was spent after that!

9. Honestly, I am running out of honest things to say…I may have to start making stuff up here in a minute. I think my brain just hit a wall. Too…much…studying…

10. I am SO excited that it is Christmastime! I love my family so very much—I am blessed with a big extended family (as is Taylor), and we are all pretty close, so I love spending time with everyone, just hanging out, watching Christmas movies, etc. I mean, come on, who doesn’t love Christmas Vacation? I think I watch it a minimum of 5 times over the holiday season. I’ve already chalked up one viewing, a couple of weeks ago. And ok, maybe it is playing right now too...

I am going to tag only five people for this award: Lane , Marley, Audrey, Emily, and my brother, Neil. I’m not sure if any of them will do it, simply because their blogs aren’t necessarily the kind that accommodate these types of surveys/awards. Speaking of—I am trying to find my place in this big blog world. Some blogs are written at minimum, simply as an update for close family and friends. Some are much more active, and are a creative outlet. Some are to reach out to others and meet new people, “blog friends”. I’m not sure where I fit. Somewhere in the middle, I guess! Who says there has to be a label on everything, anyway?


  1. Hey Catherine! I found you by way of Sarah D, by way of my friend Ashley. You have a very interesting list here. We have a lot in common. I share a lot of your views. I am a conservative as well, although I do consider myself a republican. I am completely against abortion, but I would never judge someone who chooses it personally, for the reasons you stated here. We never know what is going on in others' lives. It breaks my heart, but, we all make mistakes. I have friends who have gone through it. One who was forced by her parents, when she was 17. And although I don't condone homosexuality, I have friends who are gay also. I love them dearly and they are wonderful individuals. So, I understand where you're comming from. I'm sorry about your grandmother. She was beautiful, and I'm sure she will be missed. My hubby was a KA back in our college days. We live in Ohio right now finishing up his E.R residency. We lived down in Jackson before medical school, where he was an E.M.T at UMC. Crazy small world isn't it? Well, I just wanted to introduce myself, and let you know I enjoyed getting to know you a little better. ~Blessings!

  2. I'm glad you found the time to do this. I love finding new things out about people! Funny thing about no. 1, I have a post about some of my "moderate" views sitting in my drafts folder right now, just waiting to be finished (I'm bad about starting posts and putting them off for a couple of weeks). Anyway, loved reading your list. And thanks for the encouragement in number three; some of my more "career driven" friends have a really hard time seeing the importance of what I'm doing in this season of my life.

    And, yes, I'd love to do lunch and I'm sure Ashley would, too! We knew each other very superficially but only really got to be friends because of our blogs. So, I don't think either one of us would think that was weird at all!

  3. I remember those accelerated reader days! You were a machine. Introduce a little competition and you're on it like white on rice.

    I'll see what I can do about being honest ten straight times in a row...