Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Cheer!

A few of my blog friends have been doing this Christmas tour of homes to journal their Christmas decorations and to share ideas with other people, so I decided to jump in. Disclaimer: I am not, repeat NOT, good at decorating. I welcome any and all suggestions. I am a huge HGTV fan, so I watch that in my downtime and try to learn, but I'm flailing a bit. Ah well. I do love the idea of a good "space", and I always want my home to be a welcoming and nurturing place--but that is the biggest goal. If my decorating style is a bit off,--well, life goes on.

So here are some pics I took this morning (I have the morning off!!! Rare. Appreciated. Still in my robe!)
Here's our mantle. I love all of our stockings. Taylor's great grandmother made his, when he was a baby I think. My mom had an elderly lady who was an excellent seamstress and crocheter (?? ha probably not a word) make our family's stockings when I was a baby. Mine is soft and has a Santa face on the front with a soft fuzzy beard. And then the two in the middle--for our two little darlins (a Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix and a border collie mix)--are from Petsmart. :) I've got to get a picture of Teddy (the little one) to put in the little slot on the front of his stocking. This picture is not of the best quality, but I have some antler sheds that Taylor picked up in the woods intertwined with some sparkly green and gold twine with little balls on it. The keepsake box in the middle was a wedding gift, and then there are some muted red Christmas balls interspersed.

Our kitchen table. Simple but cute! The pottery piece here was also a wedding gift.

The table in our kitchen with the nativity scene.

I borrowed this idea from my sister--she always has great simple ideas for making things look festive, and she doesn't even try! It comes naturally to her I think. Anyway--just take some pretty ribbon and tie Christmas balls to your chandelier!

Our tree! Our new house has tall ceilings, so we haven't put the topper on yet--a giant gold star that is lit from the inside. We've got to borrow a ladder at some point in the next few days! I love the colored lights--I know the white ones are pretty and a little more chic, but I am a tried and true colored lights girl!

My McCarty pottery shell--also a wedding gift (sensing a pattern here?)--filled with little Christmas balls. Simple but I love it!

Poinsettia on the other end table. I just hope I can keep it alive for two more weeks. My thumb isn't green or even's more like black. I'm trying though!

Table with our two nutcrackers on it that Taylor's mom, Lisa, gave us for Christmas last year.

Ok so not sure what happened with the arrangement of these pics, but I'm just gonna go with it. I love the nutcracker on the left--he is a fisherman! He has a string of fish in his left hand and a basket for them around his waist.

This ornament is one of several that we have that I collect. I try to get one each year at Mistletoe Marketplace, a Christmas tradition in my hometown! We now have one each for Taylor and me (below), one for our first Christmas together, one for our engagement, and one for our new home!

Taylor's is the businessman above--and I'm the dentist below! I love my little female dentist! I was so surprised that the company made one. They each have our names on the back.

And last but not least--my FAVORITE Christmas thing of all (he's gonna kill me for putting this on the blog....)


  1. You have a lovely home. Love your last photo! Happy Holidays :)

  2. All of your decorations look great! I love the ornaments hanging from the chandelier. I may steal that idea for next year!! The nativity scene you have is beautiful!

  3. Love the chandelier ornaments; so creative! And, your place mats look alot like mine; maybe we have the same ones (?).

    I love Taylor's outfit; Peyton needs one of those!

  4. What a cutie! Love the ornaments, too! I had a pic of my puppy in my tour too, love the dog!

  5. cat~
    TAYLOR WOULD KILL YOU!!! of course by now i'm sure he knows...

    see you soon!!!