Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New Blogger!

So--I know I have been MIA--my house is a wreck from packing (who knew we had this much stuff?), and the amount of places to sit in our home has diminished from plenty to Taylor and I fighting over who gets to sit on the one cushion left. Ok, so maybe that last part is a lie--we do have one couch and one chair left. Everything has been put in storage, where it is anxiously awaiting being moved to its new home next Tuesday!! I cannot WAIT. Again, I'm not going to talk about it much now for fear of jinxing it. Ridiculous, I know. The Lord is in control of every detail of our lives, and I know that his sovereign plan will prevail in this situation as in any other. (And yet I still don't want to talk about it too much....perhaps an indication that I need to keep praying for peace and the ability to trust!)

Now for the real reason for my post: my best friend in the whole world, Emily, has started a blog! SO exciting. I'm so glad she jumped on the blog train. Her blog though, is something a little different. She has come up with a really interesting and truly different idea, I think--you should check it out. Her blog is called Grace By the Gallon. I'll let you read about it for yourself--she explains it much better than I could.

Hope all is well with you!

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