Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Son of a gun, we'll have some fun, on the bayou

So I am a couple of days late with this post, but here are some of the pics from our 4th of July extravaganza! Taylor and I got down to Fairview a little after lunch on Friday, and around dinner time Emily and Brett arrived. We rode around the property looking for blackberries (Taylor said they were probably all burned up from the heat--he was right) and just kind of joyriding, then came back for a really yummy dinner. There is a place Taylor goes in Louisiana called Hebert's (pronounced AY-bear's, for all you non-Louisians) that has really amazing specialty meats. The one we cooked this weekend was a crawfish-dressing-stuff chicken. YUM. Taylor made up a recipe for a really great potato and onion hash with all kinds of spices and cheese. We cook it on the stovetop and then put it in the oven for the last 5-10 mins with cheese and sliced jalepenos on top. SO good.

We were so glad to be able to spend time with Emily and Brett!

The picture above is of Taylor wading through the Bayou Pierre on Saturday, checking out the depth. Yes, our weekend was pretty country, I'm not gonna lie. We waded/swam in a bayou (making sure there weren't any snakes or alligators around!), fished, cooked out, and picked blackberries (tried to, anyway). It was great. Below is a pic of all three guys--Taylor, Graves Maxwell, and William Ledbetter--just chillin in the bayou. (Emily and Brett had to leave earlier that morning).

See those three little specs kind on the left in the pic above? That's them.

Lauren and me. I told her she looks kinda like a famous person in this pic with those shades on.

Whit pretending to be an Olympic beam gymnast?
Mmm watermelon. Whit and Graves.

Note: I unthinkingly wore the cheap drugstore mascara to swim in. I am not a raccoon, contrary to what may appear above. Quite unfortunate. But still, mmm watermelon. And one very sweet husband.

William preferred the attack method.
Later that afternoon, our friends Haley and Lindsay (reporter and morning meteorologist, respectively, for the local Fox40 News channel--watch for them!) came down the camp, and we cooked out another yummy dinner, after which we drove to Vicksburg and into Louisiana to watch the fireworks over the Mississippi River! Our sweet friends the Nicholas's invited us to their lodge on the river, appropriately named "Riverview". It was a perfect and beautiful way to end the weekend. Later that night we drove back home, woke up the next morning for leisurely breakfast and a little Wimbledon watching, and then headed out.

When we came home, we got to pick up a little houseguest for the weekend.

My sister's miniature dashund, Buddy. He is so sweet!! And long. He is probably the friendliest daschund I've ever known. He loves to snuggle. We've had him since Sunday, and every morning he and Ted have a wrestling match. I think Ted wins. But Buddy thoroughly enjoys it! We had to make sure to watch he and Ruby the first time they met, because I think Ruby wasn't quite convinced that he wasn't a squirrel (her favorite thing to chase). I think she has it pretty figured out now, as long as he doesn't make any quick movements.
Hope y'all had as fun a Fourth as we did!

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