Sunday, July 26, 2009

Show Us Your Life Friday--Show Us Your Wedding Dress

Ok, so I know I am hopping on this train a little late, and it's Sunday, not Friday--but I really like this little "button"--(is that what you call these types of things? I am still such a novice blogger)--and I loved my wedding dress, so I want to post about it!

FYI, all of these pics (minus the first one--my friend CG took it) were taken by Karla Pound. She is WONDERFUL! I highly recommend her. :)

As you can see, it was strapless, fitted through the waist, and had lace pretty much all over. It was simple and very elegantly classic (in my biased opinion!). It came from The Bridal Path in Jackson, and was the second dress I tried on. I feel like almost everyone says that the style of gown they wanted originally wasn't what they ended up getting. The same was true for me. I thought I would end up with a giant ballgown type dress, but I ended up loving this simplistic style instead. It was really comfy, for a wedding dress!
Also, I absolutely loved my veil. I loved that it didn't stick too far above my head, but just kind of streamed out from right above my hair where it was pulled up. It was cathedral length--ie REALLY long. That was my favorite thing about it. It was pretty funny though--about an hour before the wedding, I was freaking out because every time I walked more than five feet, it would pull on my hair and almost come out. I was so scatterbrained and all over the place that I didn't realize until just before the ceremony that we had forgotten to attach the middle part of the veil to the back of my dress! (That's how veils that length are supported, in case you aren't familiar--because there's no way in heck your head can support that weight!) My sweet friend Bonnie from the Bridal Path luckily was around and fixed it quickly.
Another thing I loved about my veil is that it had a blusher (the piece that goes in front, over your face). Taylor and I both loved the symbolism of being veiled from him until my dad raised the veil and presented me to him. You don't see the blusher in any of these pictures, because it's behind with the rest of the veil. I didn't have any pics with the blusher in front at my fingertips. Which leads me to...
Ok--confession. Taylor and I have been married for a year and 2 months.....and I have yet to order my wedding photos. I know, I know!'s terrible. That is my goal for this week. I have a big test on Friday, but thankfully, a smart and persuasive person in our class convinced the professor to give us a take-home.....pretty much unheard of in dental school, but sorely needed for this class/professor (it would take me a whole 'nother post to explain this guy)...anyway, I am vowing the get the pics ordered this week!! Somebody hold me to that!
And lastly, my sweet friend Carlin had her baby this last week!! Sam is doing great, but because he came a little early and is a "wimpy white boy" as the nurses called him (white males' lungs develop the most slowly of any demographic), he had to stay a few days in the hospital. I think he got to go home today--either today or tomorrow. So please say a prayer for him if you think about it!


  1. Catherine, you were such a beautiful bride! I love your dress and the don't see many cathedral length veils anymore, but they are SO beautiful!

    P.S. Most people call these things a "blog carnival" or "blog party" and there are usually buttons you can add to your blog to click to go directly to the hosting site (i.e. Kelly's Korner). Also, I don't know if you did this or not, but you can add your name to the "Mr. Linky" on the hosting site. That way random people will come check out your blog (don't know if you want that or not!). Anyway...have fun!

  2. Catherine--
    OF COURSE I remember you!! I just found your blog recently and have loved reading :o) You and your hubby are so cute! Thanks so much for your sweet comment. I'm so glad I can keep up with you now!