Thursday, July 2, 2009

Independence Day

We are headed to this beautiful place for the weekend!! Can't wait. Although we may not be able to do fireworks because it has been so dry--we don't want to burn the lodge down! Or the woods, for that matter. Hopefully there will be lots of horseback riding, some 4-wheeler riding, and maybe some fishing or blackberry picking. Anybody know a good blackberry cobbler or pie recipe?


  1. I have a good and easy cobbler recipe! I can email it to you if you want me to! Let me know! Have fun! Love,

  2. Thanks for the info...I was a little confused at first. I've been wanting to know what to do about "brushing", but was just going to ask her Dr. at her next well-baby appointment. I was thinking "Wow! Catherine reads minds", then I realized you must have read my post about teething and thought of this. Anyway, looks like ya'll have been having fun!

    P.S. Do you know when you start taking them to the dentist (just when teeth come in, or is there a certain age like two years or something?) Thanks!