Monday, June 15, 2009

"Up"lifting Movie

So tonight I went to the movies (I told you it was a movie-ful summer!) with this guy and girl:

while Taylor cooked out a great meal of chicken quarters on the grill, zucchini, squash, and dirty rice with mushrooms, with THIS guy:

our sweet friend, William Fincher.

So my dad/daughter/granddaughter or grandfather/neice/aunt outing tonight was a great one! Word to the wise--go see UP! Seriously, one of Pixar's finest. Funny, like all of their work, but so much more than that. This one has an emotional depth that is really remarkable for an animated film--I would love to add this one to my movie collection. It has something for everyone.

P.S.--we saw the movie in 3-D--a first for me! For the first five minutes or so I thought the little glasses were going to get annoying, but it wasn't long before I got completely enthralled by the movie and forgot all about them. They really did add something--I felt like the characters were climbing out of the screen into the room with me. Apparently, by the way, there is such thing as a 4-D theater (according to my niece, Olivia) where they sprinkle water on you when it rains in the movie, etc? Very interesting. Anybody ever heard of that?

P.P.S.--the reason we went to the movies tonight was for a fundraiser for a dear friend and all-around amazing person--Nicole Marquez. She is a walking miracle. Check out her story here.

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