Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Since Everyone Else Is Doing It....

...I guess I'll have to post about John and Kate Plus Eight too. I have never watched the show, never had any reason to be invested in it at all, and neither has Taylor. And yet, last night, we both knew it was coming on and wanted to watch it. That's what the media craze has done--all part of their plan, I'm sure. But, regardless of playing right into their scheming hands, we decided we didn't need to miss this oh-so-important moment in pop culture, so we tuned in.

And what we saw was downright sad. I'm not going to go on about this, I'll just make one little observation: both of the parents kept saying over and over that the children were their number one priority. Now, I guess if they have already made the decision to get divorced, then that's a good thing. But--I think that is what's wrong with a lot of marriages!! Parents have children and then turn the focus onto the children and away from their marriage. If there is not a strong marriage for the children to look to, and to "live in", in a sense, as a net of security, stability, and foundation--what are those children going to stand on, and in what frame of reference will they live?

So there's my little soapbox of the day. Other news: we had our first look-see today for our house! A prospective buyer came with her realtor to view it. Of course, this probably means nothing, but it gives me a good feeling that at least people are starting to look! I am crossing my fingers that it won't be on the market forever...but I know that so often I try to put things in my schedule and my timing, when the Lord has it all worked out perfectly in HIS timing already. I am working on learning to trust it.

I have my first orthodontics test tomorrow--we just started the class a couple of weeks ago, so hopefully it won't be too bad! Off to study.

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