Monday, June 29, 2009

Mary Catherine's wedding and cookout at the Hursts'

This weekend we made the drive to Memphis for our sweet friends Mary Catherine and Tim's wedding at Independent Presbyterian Church. It was one of the most worshipful weddings I have ever attended. The music choices she made were perfect--one of the songs she chose was "The Love of Christ Is Rich and Free"--one of my favorite songs we sang in RUF. Our friend, Ruth, sang it, and she did an awesome job. Her voice has a Gillian Welch style to it--really beautiful, and pleasing to listen to. I sang "There Is a Fountain Filled with Blood"--also a really cool choice. The whole theme of their wedding was a lyric from that hymn: "Redeeming love has been my theme, and shall be til I die." How wonderful is that?

It was so great to catch up with sweet friends who live in different places. We are scattered to the four winds these days! (But thankfully, mostly in the South!)

One of my favorite touches from this wedding is that Mac decided to have us each wear roses in our hair. That fit her personality perfectly, and it made me (and I think all of us) feel pretty and girly and special. There's just something about a girl with flowers in her hair.
I also really loved the way she utilized the senses--particularly smell. I feel like weddings focus a lot on the visual, and the auditory, but what about the sense of smell? Mary Catherine had a bouquet of roses and gardenias, and later, for the reception, put gardenias in her hair. Also, instead of throwing birdseed or rose petals and she and Tim made their exit, we had little handfuls of lavender. Mmmmm smelled so good.
Here is a pic of the sweet, beautiful bride and me:

Off they go!

Fyi, their rehearsal dinner was at a really cool venue in downtown Memphis, near the river, called the Center for Southern Folklore. If you ever want to buy some great folk art, and the time for Double Decker has passed and won't come around for another 11 months or so, then go to this place. They've got plenty.
Because the wedding was at 2:30, we had plenty of time that night to hang out with everyone who was in town for the festivities! It is so soul-refreshing to be with friends whom you haven't seen in a while. Especially these friends:

I love y'all! I love this guy too:

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  1. Catherine,
    Sorry I haven't responded to any of your comments on my blog (I don't know what happened, the same one appeared several times). Anyway, defiantly excited about "following you", even though we kind of follow ya'll in real life through Lisa and John (they live next door to my parents). I hope you are doing great; I saw on Taylor's FB awhile back that ya'll had gotten robbed like four times b/w the two of you (that's insane)! Blogging is so much fun; you will get addicted!